Amazon Reveals New Kindles in NFL Commercial (Video)

Amazon confirms leaks about a backlit e-reader and different sized Kindles with a commercial it aired a day before its secretive press conference in Santa Monica

Amazon unveiled its new e-readers and tablet in a television commercial aired less than a day before the e-retail giant had scheduled a product launch in Santa Monica.

The advertisement, which touts Amazon's history of innovating retail and e-readers, shows a woman buying a sundress with a single click, reading on a Kindle while brushing her teeth and lounging in a hammock while streaming video on a Kindle Fire.

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"Connecting your mouse to your front door was our moon landing," the voiceover in the commercial says as a child reads about Neil Armstrong's "one small step" on a Kindle. "Creating Kindle? Our four-minute mile."

Unlike the infamously tight-lipped Apple, details of the Thursday product launch trickled out in recent weeks. Last Friday, The Verve published photos of a new backlit Kindle, as speculation swirled about whether the company would release a phone or gaming console, too.

Here is the full commercial: