Media Circus Alert: Schwarzenegger’s Alleged Second Mistress Retains Gloria Allred

Former “Little House on the Prairie” actress claims the erstwhile Governator had a sexual relationship with her dating back to when she was 16

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't having the best of weeks where the ladies are concerned.

Just days after the "Terminator" star and former California governor conceded that he fathered a child out of wedlock witha  former housekeeper, another woman from Ahnuld's past has resurfaced to remind everyone about her earlier accusations of Governator infidelity.

And she's retained high-power attorney Gloria Allred to presumably help her get the word out.

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The allegations of former child actress Gigi Goyette — also known as Gigi Jeffers — aren't new, but boy, are they sordid.

According to Radar Online, Goyette/Jeffers (pictured at right) claims that the pair first began their intimate relationship in 1975, during Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding days, when Jeffers was an actress on "Little House on the Prairie" — and, at the time, only 16 years old.

Goyette claims that she and Schwarzenegger broke up later that year, but resumed their relationship in 1989 — three years after Arnold married his soon-to-be-ex wife Maria Shriver.

Incredibly, the story gets even seedier: According to the Washington Post, days after Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for governor in 2003, tabloid publisher American Media allegedly gave Goyette $20,000 to keep quiet about the relationship. Curiously, Schwarzenegger signed on as an editor for two of American's bodybuilding magazines.

(American Media has been accused of such behavior before; the company reportedly had its tabloid National Enquirer keep the lid on Tiger Woods' sex scandal, so that Woods would appear on the cover of the Enquirer's sister publication, Men's Fitness.)

Though Schwarzenegger has denied Goyette's claims in the past, with the emergence of Schwarzenegger's love-child news, Jeffers appears ready to re-surface in the public eye.

And her pairing with Gloria Allred — lately the go-to lawyer for other women who've been spurned by celebrity philanderers — certainly suggests that there are more than a couple of breathless press conferences in her future.