Black Eyed Pea Sues Business Manager — Claims Fraud

EXCLUSIVE: Guitarist George Pajon claims that his business manager and accountant, Sean Larkin, caused him more than $1 million in damages

Last Updated: December 29, 2011 @ 11:07 AM


Black Eyed Peas guitarist George Pajon sued the band's business manager Tuesday, accusing him of breach of contract, professional negligence, fraud and other charges.

In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by attorney Richard A. Kolber, Pajon says that Sean Larkin and his company, Larkin Business Management, caused Pajon more than $1 million in damages.

Larkin did not immediately return calls for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Read the filing here

"Some or all of Defendants' actions were done with malice aforethought, fraud and oppression in that they never intended to perform their duties as Plaintiff's business managers," the lawsuit says.

According to the lawsuit, Larkin, a certified public accountant and business manager, failed to file state or federal tax returns for Pajon and his company, El Cubano Music.

It says that around July 2009, Pajon learned that Larkin hadn't paid the taxes, resulting in a large tax liability. The lawsuit claims that Larkin acknowledged that he had failed to file the returns. 

But the lawsuit says Larkin didn't follow through.

It also claims that Larkin mismanaged funds that were intended Pajon's wedding. On top of that, the lawsuit claims Larkin steered Pajon into questionable investments that the business manager had an ownership stake in, one which he hid from his clients.

Disagreements over the taxes go back years. 

In 2009, a lawyer for the Black Eyed Peas accused Larkin of failing to file income tax returns for the band's touring operation. That lawyer, Helen Yu, made the allegations as a response to a defamation lawsuit that Larkin filed against her.

Read Yu's response here.

Larkin claimed that "due to an inadvertent oversight," he failed to file the band's — and some of its members — tax returns and that Yu used the lapse to send letters about him "filled with venomous lies and fabricated accusations."

Larkin sued Yu for defamation over the letters. A judge dismissed that lawsuit.