Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers Revealed – No It’s Not a Porn Name (Video)

Yes, Carlos Danger sexted with Sydney Leathers — and only one of those names is fake

Just when you thought that "Carlos Danger" would be the most ridiculous name to emerge from Anthony Weiner's latest sexting scandal: Meet Sydney Leathers, the girl on the other end.

No, that is not a fake name. It's the real name of the 23-year-old Indiana native first identified by BuzzFeed.

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Leathers is a vocal Democrat who posted her political views often on Facebook. She is a strong supporter of Weiner's and listed him as a "hero" in a now-removed post, according to Buzzfeed.

Gossip website published a collection of sexual messages and blurred photos between Weiner and a woman the site did not identify on Tuesday. BuzzFeed matched up the blurred photos to originals of Leathers.

Weiner admitted later Tuesday to engaging in the lewd chats and apologized, though several New York editorials have been calling for him to withdraw from the race.

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CNN interviewed one of Leathers' friends, Lou Colagiovanni, a political blogger and writer who moderates a political Facebook page where Leathers frequently posted messages.

"She absolutely idealized this man," Colagiovanni told CNN of her adoration for Weiner.

"We talked ALL the time," Leathers wrote to Colagiovanni. "He even called in August, knowing I was on a train to Chicago, just to tell me about a sex dream he had about me. He did that kind of thing a lot. He was also obsessed with me wearing heels lol."

Leathers said she never slept with Weiner or received money from him.

Watch the CNN video: