As Winds Devastate L.A., Albert Brooks, Joel McHale and Other Comics Crack Wise

How strong were they? Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron also tweet jokes as Santa Ana winds batter Southern California

Violent Santa Ana winds — some of the strongest Southern California has seen in years — are causing widespread damage throughout the region. But that's not stopping comedians and other entertainers from joking about it on Twitter.

"The winds were so strong in Hollywood last night they actually blew away some of the bulls—," "Drive" star Albert Brooks tweeted Thursday.

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"Clean up on aisle Los Angeles," Joel McHale of "Community" cracked.

The gusts — which have been measured at up to 90 mph — have caused power outages, short-circuited traffic lights, and prompted closures at schools and businesses. Movie and television studios have been affected as well.

"Jesus, what's with the wind here in L.A. all of sudden? Are we under attack by ghosts? Everything sounds all haunted outside up here," comedian Marc Maron, who lives in Silver Lake, wrote Thursday.

"What the f— is happening in L.A. right now? My wife, daughter & dog are huddled in a house w/ no power & I'm up in Whistler," comedian/actor Patton Oswalt tweeted.

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Also commenting on the wind was online comedy hub Funny or Die: "The amount of people in L.A. tweeting that they're scared of the wind suggests that perhaps our medical marijuana system is out of control," read an FoD tweet.

"Last night there was so much WIND, I woke up and found Matthew Modine & Jennifer Grey all over my front yard. P.S. It's 1992, right?" wrote "Inglorious Basterds" actor Paul Rust.

"This new Gale-Force-Wind app on my phone worked better than I expected hahahahahahahaha (lightening noise) hahahahahahaha," musician Ryan Adams wrote.