Departing L.A. Times Reporter Geoff Boucher Posts Farewell on Facebook

Geoff Boucher, the Hero Complex blogger who announced he was leaving the Times Monday, says he plans to "gamble and bet on myself" and move on to a new project or job

A day after TheWrap reported that entertainment reporter Geoff Boucher was leaving the Los Angeles Times, the former Hero Complex blogger said he hopes to ride the success of his widely-read site into a new venture.

Despite appeals from both the Times' editor Davan Maharaj and its President and COO Kathy Thomson, Boucher was determined to move on from the struggling newspaper. 

"It is very strange and sad to leave the paper after 21 years but it is completely my choice," he posted on his Facebook page Tuesday, responding to  media reports that he was forced out. "I'm going to gamble and bet on myself and what I've learned over these past few years with the Hero Complex success.

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Boucher, who has worked at the Times since 1992, covered a wide array of beats, from pop music to the 2000 presidential election, before starting the comic fanboy blog in 2008

His last day at the Times remains unclear, though he tweeted Monday night that his recent interview with Clint Eastwood was a "great way to go out."

Boucher has not yet disclosed what his next project or job will be. 

"As a friend of mine in 'Metropolis' says," he wrote in the Facebook post, "you can't fly until you take a leap…"