The Huffington Post Sued by Georgia Woman for ‘Mindful Living’ Trademark Infringement

HuffPo is being sued for trademark infringement for the use of "Mindful Living" and "Mindful Travel" on its site

A Georgia woman has filed suit against the Huffington Post and its parent company AOL for alleged trademark infringement after the blog behemoth launched a new section titled "Mindful Living," according to court documents obtained Thursday by TheWrap.

In the suit filed Wednesday in Atlanta, Kathleen Hall alleged that she trademarked the phrases "Mindful Living" and "Mindful Travel" for her Mindful Living Network, a stress management program, before HuffPo created the section of its site.

Hall is suing AOL/HuffPo on two counts of trademark infringement, one count of unfair competition, one count of false or misleading advertising and one court of violating the deception trade practice.

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In April, the lawsuit alleges, Hall's legal team notified HuffPo of the infringement. Ten days later, the news site responded, saying they received the letter and were in the process of rebranding and promised to remove the "Mindful Living" phrase.

Weeks later, the "Mindful Living" section remained on HuffPo's site, alongside "Mindful Travel," another name Hall says she had trademarked.

"Mindful Living" remained up as a page aggregating anything with that tag as of Thursday evening.  The page may be found under the "Healthy Living" verticle featuring stories about parenting, femininity and spirituality. However, the section header appears to have been renamed "GPS For The Soul."

It is unclear whether this was a reaction to the lawsuit.

The Huffington Post did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Pamela Chelin contributed reporting.