‘It’s Thanksgiving’ – But It Feels Like Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (Video)

It's Friday, Friday and everybody's looking forward to Thanksgiving

"It's Thanksgiving." Everybody's looking forward to Thanksgiving, right? So why does it feel like it's (Rebecca Black's) "Friday"?

ScreenshotNicole Westbrook, the latest teen to release a home-cooked pop anthem on YouTube, isn't thinking about partying all weekend with "Friday" viral pop wonder Black, she's got her mind on turkey and mashed potatoes.

"Oh, oh, oh, it's Thanksgiving," she croons over synth-laced beats. "We, we, we, we're gonna have a good time, with the turkey, mashed potatoes, we, we, we, we're gonna have a good time."

The song and music video, released Wednesday on YouTube, was written by Patrice Wilson, the same producer behind Black's "Friday." By Friday afternoon, it already tallied more than 36,000 views.

And Thanksgiving is still weeks away.

"School is out, I can shout," the pre-teen Westbrook sings. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

No, Nicole, thank you.