Jennifer Lopez Slammed Over $10M Earnings From Performing for World’s ‘Worst Thugs’

"This is not about ignorance, it’s about greed,” says Human Right's Foundation president

Human Rights Watch is not exactly singing Jennifer Lopez's praises these days.

Some members of the media and human rights groups have scrutinized the singer after reports that she performed "Happy Birthday" to Turkmenistan dictator Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on June 29. The most vocally opposed organization has been HRF, which estimates that J. Lo has received in excess of $10 million for what it calls, "serenading crooks and dictators from Eastern Europe and Russia."

"What those covering this story have missed is that J. Lo and her management have misled her fans and the public," said HRF President Thor Halvorssen. "J. Lo has repeatedly mingled with and entertained some of the world’s worst thugs and their cronies."

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"The 'Jenny-from-the-block-who-doesn't-Google' clarification may be credible in one instance, but it beggars belief in light of a pattern of repeated behavior, Halvorssen continued. "This is not about ignorance, it’s about greed."

The non-profit organization also chronicled Lopez's recent highly-paid appearances in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Russia.

HRF has previously gone after actress Hilary Swank over her 2011 visit to Chechnya, as well as singer Julio Iglesias after he performed in Equatorial Guinea.