Jim Carrey, Fox News Feud Draws Strong Reactions From TheWrap’s Readers

The ongoing war of words between Carrey and Fox News' "The Five" drew an avalanche of comments from readers on the site.

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 1:21 PM

Jim Carrey's "Cold Dead Hand" Funny or Die music video certainly got the attention of Fox News last week, so it's no surprise that the network's spirited rebuttal during "The Five" grabbed the attention of TheWrap readers, too.

Hundreds of comments have piled up since Carrey called Fox "a giant culture fart" on Friday, and "Five" co-host Greg Gutfeld responded with a lengthy opening monologue followed by a spirited discussion which verbally chastised the "Dumber and Dumber" star for taking on opponents of gun control through comedy.

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Whether readers supported Carrey, applauded Fox News, or ignored both to delve deeper into the issue they're passionately debating, here is a sampling of reader reaction that caught TheWrap's attention:

"I always like to see celebrities with their personal posse of armed security tell average citizens who can't afford their own personal posse of armed security to give up their guns." — TB

"Wow, Jim Carey is right. Fox News is nothing, but a bias opinion having, lie-telling propaganda act. How pitiful of them or anyone else to think that what they report can be taken seriously. In my Jim Carey voice, "LAOOOSER!" — Michael the Real One

"FNC's 'Fox & Friends' as well as 'The Five' are commentary driven. Sure, news stories often become the foundation of the commentary. But it's disingenuous to expect shows built on commentary to meet the same standards as hardcore news reports. What would be nice is to see broadcast news openly acknowledge [and rectify] their biases." — GNH

"You don't get it, do you? These guys do this for all the publicity you give them by commenting on it. They can't buy this kind of promotion. Congrats to both sides!" — Kevin in Hope

"Jim Carey is right on the money. I love him more for standing up to Fux News." — stephenbartell

"Common knowledge: Never debate a comedian. Also Common knowledge: FOX is the National Enquirer of television, with less validity." — Mark J. Reed

"Fox was criticizing Carrey because of his video which attacked Charlton Heston. Heston was one of the first in Hollywood to support the civil rights movement. In 1961 he attended a premiere if his movie El Cid in Oklahoma City. There were protestors outside because the movie theater was segregated. Heston joined the picket lines outside much to the chagrin of the studio. Heston marched with Martin Luther King. So let me get this straight. Carrey attacks Heston a civil rights pioneer, Fox defends Heston by attacking Carrey, and you call Fox bigoted???" — BillMac94

"Not that i think Jim Carey is funny, but you have to admit he is right — Fox News is lame, they have the closed minded idealology of a bunch of old smelly bigoted men who forgot equal rights was passed years ago!" — Jane Marek

"The whole 24 hour news network model is broken, they are all partisan and agenda driven. Rather than objectively reporting the news, the all mask their own opinions as fact. Worthless." — mike

"Fox News is far right and reports very negatively on any news dealing with democrats that is true, but CNN is the polar opposite of fox news in this respect. We all must do are own research and sift threw the news to find out what is true and accurate." — Joseph Lemp

"Where has respect for the dead gone? Not to mention that Charlton Heston was consumate gentleman something Jim Carey will never understand. All you idiots demeaning Fox News must not like facing the truth which is what they report. As far as gun control goes, it is our fundamental right to have a gun to protect ourselves. Think about it, crime would go way down if more people and businesses had weapons for protection. Would you rob a place where a gun was on the property? I don't think so. Senator Diane Fienstien got a license to carry a gun when she felt her life was threatened." — Peggy

"Man I'm so disappointed. I used to love Jim Carrey, but now that I know he supports gun grabbing and made himself look like a fool for poking fun at the legend, Mr. Heston… I'm not gonna be able to stomach him anymore. Looks like a lot of people agree with him too!" — Skinni63

"The only one who has done his homework is the economist, professor and PhD, John Lott, who has written several books on gun control issues, and has complied the most extensive and statistical data on the correlation between gun ownership and crime. Of course there are those who will write him off as well because they do not agree with him, but he has the facts — and I would follow the facts before I would agree with the stand of an undereducated comic actor." – Elie

"Was it necessary to make fun of Southerners in order to comedically make a statement about gun control and Charlton Heston?" — A Scalley Wagge

"If Jim Carrey had a scintilla of intelligence he would know that Charlton Heston, the man he demeaned, was one of the most important men in Hollywood in the 1960s and 1970s in the fight against segregation and the inclusion of more blacks into important movie roles. Yeah, a real piece of crap in Jim Carrey's brain dead world."

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"What the hell has Jim Carrey done, besides look like an utter fool in viciously criticizing gun-toting, NASCAR fans, the very people who used to go to his movies. Dumb? Dumber? How about just plain stupid?" — Paddy O'Firnacher

"I served in the USMC, and enjoyed 4 kick-ass years blowing stuff the F-up. I loved it, but that's where it belonged. I believe in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. However, If you served in the military, then there is no excuse for you not to understand why civilians should not have assault rifles, machine guns, etc. To do or believe otherwise is ignorant and irresponsible." — Kane

"If same-sex marriage is allowed then why can't the right to own assault rifles be allowed? You know as well as I do that guns do not kill people, people kill people. If they are going to do anything about gun restrictions its more efficient background checks on those requesting permits and not limit what we can't have. What's next? You can't own large trucks because they can damage smaller vehicles on the road. Only the transportation industry and proper authorities can own trucks. Trucks can kill people, who needs them that big? Now do you see how ridiculous that sounds?" — Ceasar Lee Martinez Sr.

"Wait Jim Carrey using childish humor?! You mean the man that was best known in the 90's for talking with his butt?! Get over it Fox "News." — Kylee Cronin