John Oliver on Supreme Court DOMA Decision: Now Gays Can File Taxes Together!

"Daily Show" host notes that same-sex couples also get to find out if their spouse has been killed

John Oliver was so galvanized by the Supreme Court's gay marriage decisions Wednesday that he started singing the Broadway showtune classic "Do You Hear the People Sing" from "Les Miserables" on "The Daily Show."

"We did it. We did it," A euphoric Oliver said. "Well technically the Supreme Court did it. But we watched. We watched. We watched them do it.”

The ruling entitles maried same-sex couples to federal benefits. Among other rights, that allows those couples to file joint tax returns and to be informed when spouses who serve in the military are killed in action. 

“For too long, only straight couples have been able to enjoy paying their taxes and learning that their spouse has been killed," Oliver said.

"You’re welcome gay couples," he added. "You're welcome."