Jon Stewart Slams John McCain, Lindsey Graham for Hypocrisy on Susan Rice

"The Daily Show" host points to McCain and Graham's — and Condoleeza Rice's –misstatements over Iraq to undermine their critique of the ambassador's handling of Benghazi 

Jon Stewart thinks that Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham should think about their own histories of misstatements before they slam U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for incorrectly describing the deadly attacks on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

In a series of morning-show appearances five days after the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks, Rice, as some Republicans in the Senate note, followed the administration's talking points and, whether knowlingly or not, falsely described the violence in Benghazi as a spontaneous demonstration against an anti-Islam YouTube video.

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It later came out that the assault had been planned and was linked to the terrorist group al Qaeda. Rice has acknowledged her mistake, but McCain and Graham have raised concerns about her possible nomination to be Secretary of State.

Stewart thinks that the senators should remember the old adage about glass houses, pointing to videos of the two Republicans — along with the-Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice — making the case for invading Iraq by citing intelligence reports that insisted Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction — reports that turned out to be false.

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"These two don't get to be the ones to self-righteously get angry about this," Stewart said.

"Remember all that from their hit blog 's**t old guys who unnecessarily get us into war say,'" Stewart said after playing clips of McCain, Graham — along with Rice — citing the faulty intelligence.

"These two still refuse to acknowledge that invading a country based on information from a source called ‘curveball’ was actually considered a pretty [expletive] idea by many at the time," Stewart concluded.