MPAA, Studios Win Judgement Against Triton Media

Arizona company ordered to pay $400,000 for consulting copyright-infringing websites with ad sales

Walt Disney and Warner Bros. have won a $400,000 judgement against an Arizona technology company accused of helping copyright-infringing video sites with their ad sales, the Motion Picture Association of America announced Thursday.

A Los Angeles federal court ruled that Arizona-based Triton Media facilitated copyright infringement by providing advertising consulting and referrals to video sites including (Free TV).

The lawsuit was spawned from a separate legal action against FreeTV, which was earlier ordered to pay the studios $1.5 million for copyright infringement.

"Triton Media was a key participant in the profit-making endeavors of a number of pirate sites and served a vital role in facilitating copyright infringement by working to provide a stream of revenue for those sites through advertising referrals," noted Daniel Mandil, a lawyer representing the MPAA.