New Yorker Launches iPhone App With Lena Dunham, Jon Hamm

The New Yorker iPhone app is a departure from the Condé Nast norm of saving most magazine content for tablet apps

The New Yorker launched an iPhone app at long last, heralding the coming of the magazine to the handset with a video featuring "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm and "Girls" auteur Lena Dunham.

The app, like the iPad version that preceded it, features the contents of the print magazine, plus some digital extras. Though publisher Condé Nast offered this week's edition free for the sampling, the magazine is available, as with previous apps, free to print subscribers or with a digital subscription fee.

Tuesday's release marks a departure by the publisher, which has focused on replicating the print edition for tablet apps rather than offering it on smartphones.

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AllThingsD's Peter Kafka noted that, after almost two years, Condé and Adobe, which built the publisher's app platform, have found a way to feature "paginated HTML," meaning the app can handle text as text rather than large image files.

This will make the iPhone editions much more easy to download than copies on the iPad version. Compare this week's edition with its 23 megabytes, versus the iPad version which is well over 100MB each.

Watch the video of Dunham, Hamm and Alex Karpovsky here