Owner of RomneyRyan.com Plans to Auction Site or Sell to Stephen Colbert

If Stephen Colbert doesn't bite, RomneyRyan.com founder hopes to auction the site for at least $5,000

If his job in the tech industry doesn't work out, Peter Crowley should try psychic reading.

The 26-year-old purchased RomneyRyan.com in 2010 after hearing recently-named Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan speak. Predicting that Romney was the inevitable GOP frontrunner, he matched them up and bought the site. 

"I thought Ryan was a good pick at the time; I heard him talk, and he seemed like the type of person who could fit the bill," Crowley told TheWrap on Wednesday. "He was saying the right things."

Now, he hopes to sell the domain name to the campaign, a competitor or one-time satirical GOP candidate, Stephen Colbert. 

Crowley purchased RomneyRyan.com — along with about 70 domain names — playing matchmaker with all the prospective Republican candidates. 

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Two years and about $700 later, the Astoria, N.Y., resident is hoping to fetch at least $5,000 for the site, which now features a big photograph of the conservative candidates and a link to Romney's elusive tax returns. When clicked, viewers see an error page with a blank tax-return form.

In 2004, a man auctioned KerryEdwards.com for $150,000. But four days after Romney announced his running mate, Crowley hasn't had any takers. 

"I had a few private inquiries, but nothing from the campaigns," he said. "I've reached out to Mitt's campaign, Obama for America, the DNC, the RNC and their respective Super PACS. But nothing."

Hoping to add some content — and perhaps instigate Romney's gatekeepers — he posted the tax-return jab a few days ago.

Crowley, a self-described nonpartisan who supports Ron Paul, plans to auction the site with a starting bid of $5,000.

"I'll let the free market decide," he said. "A true Republican principle."