Rupert Murdoch Tweets Up a Storm on Super Sunday Morn (Updated)

News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch takes to Twitter with praise for the U.K. and Gordon Brown and a caution on the Middle East, then gets up for the kick-off

Men often have a tough time passing the hours before the Super Bowl kicks off, but one media mogul found a way to keep himself busy early Sunday,.

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the European monetary crisis and the developing problems in the Middle East.

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He started by applauding the U.K.'s decision to play hardball with Greece on the economic talks: "If Britain had joined euro it would be in even deeper doodoo than already. Cheap pound compared to year ago only thing keeping state going," he tweeted.

He followed that up with praise for the U.K. prime minister: "Yes, Gordon Brown deserves much credit on euro."

Then, shifting focus, it was: "Economic matters interesting, but shouldn't we be preparing for likely Israeli hit on Iran very soon and unknown consequences?"

That was followed by: "On M.E., Obama clearly preparing navy to keep oil supply lines open. Hope not necessary, but good to be ready for any eventualities."

Finally, at about 4:45 ET, Murdoch signaled he was ready for Nachos, some football and a New York victory:

"Enough! Time to prepare for great Super Bowl…. New York seems silent today in anticipation. Go Giants!"