Listen to Samuel L. Jackson Narrate ‘Go the F— to Sleep’

Director Werner Herzog will also narrate an audiobook version of the best-seller

Samuel L. Jackson knows from swear words, as his many movie characters always seem to demonstrate a knack for unleashing creative curses.

This would seem to make the actor the perfect choice to narrate Adam Mansbach's white-hot best-selling book "Go the F— to Sleep," a cheeky bedtime book for parents of small, unruly children (yes, a redundant phrase).

Apparently, film director Werner Herzog has also recorded a audio book for "Go the F— to Sleep" that will be released soon.

Amazingy, the audio publisher, Audible, is offering Jackson's six-minute narration for free for a limited time. The "Pulp Fiction" and "Snakes on a Plane" star would likely urge you to download the motherf—ing book while it motherf—ing lasts.