Samuel L. Jackson Wishes Disaster on GOP via Twitter

"The Avengers" star Samuel L. Jackson deems it "unfair" that Hurricane Isaac bypassed the convention and is heading for New Orleans; Chuck D also weighs in

Samuel L. Jackson has really whipped up a storm with his most recent deluge of tweets.

Jackson, who's used his Twitter account to do everything from attack a movie reviewer who panned "The Avengers" to offer his own unique commentary on this summer's Olympics, turned his pithy wit to the Republican National Convention on Monday.

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Specifically, Jackson tweeted his reflection on Hurricane Isaac, which caused a postponement of the Tampa convention this week and is quickly moving toward New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

"Unfair Shit: GOP spared by Isaac!" Jackson tweeted. "NOLA prolly Fucked Again! Not understanding God's plan!"

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Jackson's expression of dismay drew swift criticism, which Jackson, being Samuel L. Jackson, didn't shy away from responding to. The "Pulp Fiction" actor apologizied to everyone he spoke ill of — including the storm itself.

"Daayum! Poked a Hornets nest, hunh?" Jackson replied. "Apologies to God, Tampa, da GOP& Isaac (sp)! Who played the Race card?!"

The actor later tempered his position, urging everyone in danger of being affected by Isaac to remain safe, regardless of political affiliation.

"Seriously, leave the path of Danger if you're asked," Jackson wrote. "Be Safe & be Smart wherever you are & whatever your Politics!"

Former Public Enemy frontman Chuck D, meanwhile, offered his own thoughts on Isaac, as it relates to the Republican convention.

"GOP and the Hurricane no coincidence," the activist-minded rapper wrote.

Hurricane Katrina remains a sore spot for the Republican party. The George W. Bush administration, which was in charge at the time of the hurricane, was widely criticized for its perceived botched reaction to the disaster. Kanye West went so far as to insinuate that the administration's reaction might have been racially motivated, infamously declared, "George Bush doesn't care about black people" during "A Concert for Hurricane Relief."