Steven Tyler Screeches the National Anthem (Video)

The "American Idol" judge's performance probably wouldn't get him through to the next round

Here's the big question, of course: Would "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler have gotten through to the next round?

Judging by the audience reaction that could be heard during his performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" before Sunday's AFC Championship game — were those really boos for the Aerosmith legend? — maybe not …

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Tyler's rendition was off-key in places, screechy in most others and he messed up a lyric — it's "the bombs bursting in air," not "as bomb bursting in air." Though he does get rock star fashion points for the festive scarf he was sporting to support his team (the AFC champion New England Patriots).

Check out video of the performance below, and decide: would you give Tyler a golden ticket to Hollywood based on his national anthem performance?