Survey: People Who Use Social Media Don’t Necessarily Like It

E-Score poll says trust in social media platforms is low

A new E-Score survey on social media finds that while many use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, they don't necessarily enjoy them.

Over 1,000 people were asked if they were "aware" of various social media brands, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn as well as dating websites eHarmony and Those who were aware of the sites were then asked whether or not they liked them.

E-Score found the appeal of many of those sites to be surprisingly low — for instance, 76 percent of respondents were aware of Twitter, but only 18 percent of those said they liked the microblogging service. And that's much lower than the aware/appeal ratio for Facebook. (Eighty-five percent were aware of it, and half of those found it appealing).

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Part of their discontent may result from social media spreading inaccuracies. Respondents said they trusted news from social media sources only about half as "traditional" media outlets.

Why do people use social media if they don't like nor trust it? E-Score says the results suggest that social media has become an integral part of our lives, and is now a chore rather than the fun pastime it once was.