Will Ferrell Wants You to Vote, Promises to Eat Toenails (Video)

Will Ferrell promises to eat his toenails if you go to the polls and vote. Yes, he does

How desperate is Will Ferrell for you to vote? With days and hours to go in the presidential campaign, the self-described "comedian, actor, founder of Facebook" has released a public appeal to get you to vote. And by ‘you’ he probably means all those twenty-somethings who showed up at the polls in 2008 and not so much in 2010.

In a new video Ferrell, dressed in velvet smoking jacket finery, makes a series of tantalizing offers to get you to vote: “If you agree to vote in this year’s election, I will personally give you a tattoo," he offers. "Fair warning, I do not know how to draw." He offers to move your couch. Make you dinner.  “I’ll do a dance just for you,” he said.

And this: “If you vote, I’ll eat anything you tell me to – garbage. Hair. Human toenails. Underpants…. Just go to the polls.”

He saves the big reveal for the end: “Vote Obama,” he deadpans. “It’s a slam dunk.”

Oh yeah, the election is Tuesday. Watch it for yourself: