YouTube Giant Fullscreen Signs Brittani Louise Taylor and Her 1.2M Subscribers

Taylor operates three popular YouTube channels and also guest hosts a few TV shows

Fullscreen has signed Brittani Louise Taylor to its network of YouTube channels, adding one of the video behemoth’s most popular comedians and fashion experts. 

Taylor operates three different channels — one for comedy, one for beauty and one for video blogs. They have more than 1.2 million subscribers combined and have attracted more than 190 million views.

Taylor has built that audience through everything from music video parodies to instructional fashion videos.

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Fullscreen, which boasts the second largest network of channels on YouTube behind music video giant Vevo, will now take over distribution of Taylor's channels and sell advertising against them.

"Brittani has managed to be a powerful, independent voice on YouTube for over half a decade. We're thrilled to be working with someone of her caliber, " Fullscreen senior talent manager Andrew Graham said in a statement.

Taylor moved from Sedona, Ariz., to Los Angeles to pursue a job in TV but then opted for YouTube. Her success there has landed her a job as a judge on SyFy's "Viral Video Showdown." She has collaborated with other YouTube stars like the Fine Brothers and Shane Dawson in the past.

Here's Taylor parodying Miley Cyrus: