Zynga’s Marketing, Revenue Officer Jeff Karp is Out

Zynga's onslaught of departures continues into September as another top ranking official leaves

Zynga's chief of marketing and revenue, Jeff Karp, is out less than two weeks after two other top executives joined the growing list of departures from the ailing social gaming firm.

The company said in a statement that Karp's departure was part of a "reorganization."


Karp is a close associate of former Chief Operating Officer John Schappert. Schappet resigned under pressure in late August.

"Our marketing and revenue teams have always been industry leaders, and as we continue our transition toward mobile and multiplatform game creation and distribution, their continued execution will be key to our future success," Zynga said in a statement. "We are grateful to Jeff for his contributions over the last year and wish them well in his future endeavors."

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Last month, a number of managers left the company as share prices declined, though spokeswoman Dani Dudeck told TheWrap last month that Zynga had a "voluntary attrition rate … around one percent for the first four years."

The company went public in December.

Late last month, Chief Creative Officer Mike Verdu resigned to start a new company.

Schappert resigned after CEO Mark Pincus stripped him of most of his power as the company attempted an overhaul in response to declining stock prices.

Four other managers also departed recently, including Alan Patmore, the general manager of "CityVille," Erik Bethke, a general manager who oversaw "Mafia Wars 2," Ya-Bing Chu, a vice president in Zynga's mobile division, and Jeremy Strauser, another general manager.

Shares in Zynga were down 2.08 percent, or 6 cents, to $2.82 on Monday.