Al Roker Oversleeps for the First Time in 39 Years (Video)

The anchor missed his pre-"Today" show "Wake Up with Al"

Well, it finally happened. After 39 years of alarm clock obedience, Al Roker screwed up and slept in.

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On Tuesday morning, Roker, for unknown reasons, missed his wake-up call. Though he was able to get it together and make it in on time for "Today," he missed his pre-"Today" show "Wake Up with Al" ("We've changed the name to 'Al, Wake Up!'" Roker said). Fortunately, he wasn't running so late that he couldn't tweet about it.

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"After 39 years, it happened. I overslept and missed a show. Missed #WUWA. But will be on time for @today," he wrote. Several of his fellow early morning news anchors tweeted their sympathies.

Roker then followed that up with a Vine from the "Today" show set:

And then his fellow anchors made fun of him:

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Yes, that's right: Matt Lauer caused a mild Twitter-panic with his "Rip van Roker" tweet, with many mis-reading it and believing that Roker wasn't just resting, but resting in peace.

(Full disclosure: this reporter also overslept on Tuesday)