‘Angry Birds,’ ‘Steve Jobs’ Top iTunes Bestseller Lists

Apple releases its top 10 sellers in a bevy of categories

What app should you download for your iPhone?

If you want to follow the popular trend, the answer is clear – “Angry Birds.”

Apple released the list of the top-selling apps, albums, TV shows and much more from its iTunes store and “Angry Birds” topped three separate lists.

It was the most popular paid iPhone app, paid iPad app and free iPad app.

Meanwhile, both “Angry Bird Seasons” and “Angry Birds Rio” placed in the top 10 in all three categories as well.

What kept “Angry Birds Free” out of the top spot on the iPhone? Facebook, followed by “Pandora Radio” and “Words with Friends.” Don’t know “Words With Friends”? It’s the game that got Alec Baldwin kicked off a plane.

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As for the other top sellers in the iTunes store, Adele ruled in music, registering the top song, “Rolling in the Deep,” and top album, “21.”

TV was a mixed bag as “The Walking Dead” had the top-selling episode but “Doctor Who” took the crown for a whole season.

In movies, Facebook again rose to the top with “The Social Network” ranking first, while in books Apple topped its own list. “Steve Jobs” was the top nonfiction seller.