CNN Cuts Documentary Jobs in Shift Toward Acquisitions

CNN will trim down its documentary units and acquire them instead

CNN has laid off dozens of employees from its two documentary units as a part of a shift toward acquiring, rather than producing, long-form journalism.

The network said that the shift will enable it to expand the scope of its documentaries and that it would be increasing its investigative reporting during the week. This will be done by a separate unit.

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"We are transitioning to an acquisition model for documentary production," CNN said in a statement. "By working with leading documentarians throughout the world, we will be able to expand the scope of documentaries on CNN and create an even greater impact."

The layoffs, first reported by TV Newser, are the second in the past few months. In November,  CNN laid off around 50 staffers as part of a reorganization. Fewer were cut in this round, however.

CNN said its "In America" series will continue and that the network will produce other "long-form programming," but declined to provide many more details about the types of documentaries it would acquire.