Editorial Exodus at THR.com: Two Editors Quit on Heels of General Manager’s Exit (Update 3)

Exclusive: Both of the website’s deputy editors are leaving; the general manager left in September


The Hollywood Reporter’s re-launched website is losing a wealth of talent.

Two top editors, Patrick Kevin Day and Lindsay Powers, will join the recently departed general manager, TheWrap has learned.

Day, the deputy editor of THR.com, has left the Hollywood trade and is on his way back to the Los Angeles Times, while the second deputy editor, Powers, is headed to Yahoo as a homepage editor.

It was only two months ago that Day left the Times to join The Hollywood Reporter, where he reported to online editor-in-chief Joseph Kapsch. Kapsch and Day’s relationship dates back to their respective stretches at the Times, where Kapsch re-launched “The Envelope” awards blog and Day served as its original writer (or in web lingo, producer).

He will return to the Times as a senior web producer, two individuals with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. He did not return calls seeking comment.

Powers, also deputy editor of THR.com, confirmed her exit to TheWrap. She will be joining another ex-THR web editor, Mark Cina, at Yahoo. The New York based editor praised Editorial Director Janice Min, under whom she had worked at Us Weekly prior to THR, calling her a mentor.

“We have had — and continue to have — a great relationship, and I’m leaving on good terms,” she told TheWrap. “I’m joining the homepage team at Yahoo, and look forward to continuing to work with THR.”

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TheWrap has heard rumblings that Kapsch isn’t thrilled either, but for now he remains at the publication.

Update: Kapsch, the editor of THR.com, wrote TheWrap with the following comments: “You and your hack operation are losers. You need to get a life.” And again a few moments later: “You and your hack operation are losers. You need to get a life and quit obsessing on THR.”

Kapsch wrote on FishbowlLA that he was happy in his job and did not intend to leave. He also referred to Powers as “a part-time freelancer,” although Powers is listed on the masthead as a deputy editor and signed her email to TheWrap as such.

Alex Boyce, the general manager of THR’s website, quietly departed in September. A company spokeswoman would not confirm it at the time.

These are all big losses for THR, which has boasted strong traffic numbers since Min stewarded a relaunch of the website. However, insiders suggest that Min’s high-intensity management style has contributed to this spate of departures from the publication’s online operation.

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While THR.com has grown tremendously in site traffic under the aegis of Prometheus, the company’s main focus has been a weekly glossy lifestyle magazine.¬† The weekly edition has so far not attracted the level of ad revenue that the parent company had hoped, as Prometheus CEO Richard Beckman told TheWrap back in August.

Beckman also replaced the THR publisher this year with sales veteran Lynne Segall, looking to restore the focus on ads from Hollywood studios.

Several of Prometheus’ properties are struggling, including AdWeek and Backstage, though Billboard is apparently thriving.

In the last month, Prometheus has cut the staff of the Hollywood Creative Directory, spun the financial risk for Back Stage off on a group of investors and changed the leadership at Ad Week.

(Editors note: TheWrap called Kapsch for comment before publication of this article but did not leave a message. We regret the failure to do so. A reporter wrote Kapsch immediately after the publication of this article seeking comment.)