Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Mission Is 5 Billion More Customers, Internet Access for All (Video)

The young mogul launched Internet.org to try to make the Internet affordable and accessible to everyone on the planet

Facebook may have 1 billion users, but that's not enough for founder Mark Zuckerberg. He wants the other 6 billion people on the planet to sign up, too.

So he's teaming up with several tech giants (Qualcomm, Nokia and Samsung, for example) to launch Internet.org, which, he hopes, will bring affordable Internet access to the roughly 5 billion people on the planet who don't have it.

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The exact plan for how Internet.org plans to actually do this isn't quite there yet, it seems.

"We have a rough plan for what we think we're going to need to do to pull it off," Zuckerberg told CNN's "New Day" host Chris Cuomo.

He stressed that this wasn't just about "making money," saying that Facebook's current billion-plus users have more money than the rest of the world combined.

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"We just believe that everyone deserves to be connected and on the Internet," he said. "But I think it's one of the biggest problems of my generation to get everyone in the world to have Internet access."

Here's the video: