HBO Go, NBC, Max Go, CW All Arrive on Fanhattan

The video discovery app also adds a new feature to help viewers decide what to watch in the future

Fanhattan, an app for discovering various kinds of film and television content, has added four new partners – HBO Go, NBC, the CW and Max Go – as well as a new feature that lets viewers select what to watch in the future, the company announced on Tuesday.

The purpose of Fanhattan, which is closing in on its one millionth user, is to filter through all of the different video-based apps on the web, tablets and smartphones. Users can look up any show or film and find out the different ways it can be watched, from Netflix to Hulu to Crackle.

They can then access those apps’ video players straight out of Fanhattan – or download the apps to their iOS device if they have not already.

By adding the four new  partners, Fanhattan makes a bigger play into the pay TV ecosystem. Adding HBO Go and Max Go provides users access to some of the most popular shows, like “The Sopranos” and “Game of Thrones,” as well as a range of movies, sports and comedy programming.

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“We have made a lot of progress in terms of helping consumer navigate the confusing world of digital entertainment,” Fanhattan CEO Gilles BianRosa told TheWrap.

“HBO has expressed interest since the beginning because content providers, whether cable networks or Internet companies or broadcasters, realize fragmentation is becoming more and more of a problem. It’s in everyone’s interest to create discovery,” he added.

Fanhattan launched with four content partners and now has 18, including PBS and ABC. The  test for the company is adding enough users so as to make it a vital part of the video streaming ecosystem.

In addition to facilitating the streaming of shows, Fanhattan offers trailers, Facebok integration and a new feature called “Watchlist.” The latter lets users pick certain shows or movies they wanted to be alerted to – whether on-demand or in theaters thanks to a partnership with Fandango.

“If you use Spotify, you see someone recommending a song and can listen right away,” BianRosa told TheWrap. “Because we’re dealing with long-form content, you need to create a place to manage all you want to watch and have that help you decide.”