Herman Cain Accusers to Hold Joint Press Conference

An attorney for one of the two women involved is also trying to rope in another still-anonymous accuser

Two of the women who have accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment are planning to hold a joint press conference within the next few days to offer their individual accounts, according to Politico.

Joel Bennett, the attorney for Karen Kraushaar, said an attempt is being made to convince a third accuser to step forward, as well.

Kraushaar and this unnamed individual were the first two alleged victims to emerge, as reported by Politico Oct. 31.

The first public face of the scandal was Sharon Bialek, the fourth potential victim, who held a press conference on Monday alongside attorney Gloria Allred.

At the time, the other three women remained anonymous, but then on Tuesday, The Daily outed Kraushaar.

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Cain has repeatedly denied all of the allegations, calling them “baseless.” Appearing at his own press conference Tuesday afternoon alongside his attorney, K. Lin Wood, Cain said that while he remembers a few details about Kraushaar and her complaint, he does not even remember Bialek.

Cain also criticized the media, the accusers and the broader "Democrat Party" for what he described as an attempt at staging a public trial.

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Wood, meanwhile, said Cain is “on trial in the court of public opinion where there are no rules, the rules are made up by the media,” and that now Cain “has to respond not to admissible evidence,” but hearsay, rumors and speculation.

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