Herman Cain Denies Harassment: Withdrawal ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen’

Cain denies any wrongdoing, blasts his accusers and the media for perpetuating false accusations

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain denied once again on Tuesday that he sexually harassed any women, and said he would not withdraw from the race.

"I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period," Cain said.

As for withdrawal? "Ain't gonna happen," he said.

Cain took the stage after his lawyer gave opening remarks, and both of them blasted the media and the accusers for perpetuating false accusations, particularly in the public sphere.

"I should come under a microscope with fact, not accusations," Cain said.

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Cain continued to deny even remembering Sharon Bialek, who became the first woman to go public with her accusations on Monday.

"As I sat in my hotel room with a  couple of my staff members, and they got to the microphone my first response in my mind and reaction was ‘I don’t even know who this woman is,’" Cain said of Bialek's press conference, where she appeared alongside Gloria Allred.

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As for Karen Kraushaar, an accuser whose name was revealed on Tuesday, Cain said that was the one woman he remembered filing a complaint, but that it proved to be "baseless."

Cain recalled that Kraushaar worked for him at the National Restaurant Association and that an agreement was reached, but he denied knowing the monetary figure.

Kraushaar is one of the two women who accused Cain of sexual harassment in a story run by Politico nine days ago that ignited this scandal. She initially refused to be identified, but after The Daily revealed her name Tuesday, she agreed to interviews with the New York Times and the Washington Post.

"These allegations can be considered together as a body of evidence,” Kraushaar told the Times.

She also told Politico she would like all four women to appear at a joint press conference.

Cain has not only denied the allegations, he has questioned the character of his accusers and blamed the "Democratic machine" for trying to undermine his campaign.

"The Democratic machine in America has brought forth a troubled woman to make false accusations," he said.

Cain suggested more allegations might be forthcoming given that the media and the Democrats seem intent on robbing America of what it truly wants — a businessman in the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, Democrats across the country have said they want Cain as the Republican nominee.