Jon Stewart: ‘Crazy’ Herman Cain Covers John Lennon

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has found his ice cream flavor — beige

It has been a week and a half since the last GOP candidates’ debate – can you believe it’s been that long? Given that break, Jon Stewart decided it was high time to get in some fresh jabs at Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Rick Perry.

Stewart’s main target was Romney, whom he dubbed “the uncontested frontrunner for everyone’s second choice for the Republican nomination.”

In a new “Daily Show” segment, “Scared Mittless,” Stewart reviewed the polling numbers, which indicate Romney has maintained roughly the same level of popularity since entering the race. Unlike Herman “Black Walnut” Cain, that makes Romney “Beige.” Beige ice cream? No thank you.

Yet that consistency stands in contrast to Romney’s propensity to flip-flop and be non-committal, which caused Stewart to wonder “How does a Mormon end up sounding like Jackie Mason?”

Here's the clip:



As for the other candidates, Stewart sensed a desire to win the crazy award, but “in the race to be the craziest, there can be only one.”

No, not Michele Bachmann, but Cain.

Cue Cain singing a cover of Imagine, only about Pizza.

Here’s the clip: