Jon Stewart Welcomes NBC’s Brian Williams to Hell, Mocks Fire Alarm Incident

Stewart compares the nightly news to ‘Lunchables,’ but Williams fights back

Given the friendship between Jon Stewart and NBC's Brian Williams, it was inevitable that the "Daily Show" host would joke about the nagging fire alarm that plagued Williams' Tuesday newscast.

While Williams apologized to viewers at the time, Stewart was unwilling to accept it.

"I do not tune in to the #1 national newscast to have my current events interrupted with technical hijinks! Williams, you deliver concise summaries of the day's events in a slick yet digestible and blandly produced package — much like Lunchables," Stewart quipped.

"And you will do it every day forever. Welcome to hell, Williams."

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Stewart also mocked Williams for being a volunteer fireman, yet staying on prompter — saying the message to kids was "Stop, drop and be handsome."

"Know who I feel bad for? Your audience at home," Stewart said. "That high-pitched incessant noise has done terrible damager to their hearing aids."

Thought Williams would take that lying down? Think again.

He showed up with an annoying noise-making machine of his own, interrupting Stewart's show.

Your move Stewart.

Here's the video: 

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Brian Williams' "Nightly News" Fire Alarm
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