Judge Will Unseal Trustee Report in Bergstein Bankruptcy Case

Defendants have a week to say which exhibits should be kept private

A massive report documenting film financier David Bergstein's alleged efforts to cover up millions of dollars in losses and gambling debts will be unsealed, a federal court judge ruled on Wednesday.

Five companies controlled by Bergstein were placed into bankruptcy last February after more than 30 creditors, including director Taylor Hackford, the Writers Guild of America West and the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas sued over unpaid bills. 

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Written by court appointed trustee Ronald Durkin, the 400-page document was briefly made public last week before lawyers for Bergstein successfully petitioned to have its contents re-sealed. 

Bergstein's lawyers will have a week to make a case for which exhibits in the report should remain shielded from public view. 

"Obviously you can't be the blind leading the blind," judge Barry Russell joked. "If you think the report is long, you should see the appendix."

The judge went on to label the report a "fascinating read." Among its more explosive claims are that thousands of pages of financial information were mysteriously erased after Durkin's appointment. It further implies that Bergstein and Ron Tutor tried to cover up when the construction magnate sold his stake in the bankrupt companies. 

Neither Bergstein nor Tutor appeared in court.