Larry King: I Miss Being in the Hunt

Ex-host talks about his departure from CNN — on Fox News

Larry King appeared on both Fox News and CNN in primetime Wednesday to discuss Elizabeth Taylor.

On CNN, King appeared in a taped segment in his old timeslot with Piers Morgan, and live on former rival Sean Hannity's show. And while his comments on Taylor were interesting, King also talked about his departure from CNN with Hannity.

Some highlights:

>> “I miss the most what's going on now. I miss not being there in the middle of a scene when Japan is undergoing what it is undergoing or discussing Libya or Egypt. You like to be in the hunt.”

>> “It was a very hard [final] show to do.  They put together a wonderful show and they had a lot of incredible people on. But, it was a sad night. You know, you do something for 25 and a half years in one place at the same time, it was a deep — it was a tough show to do. You'll do it one day, Sean.  You'll say, you'll stand there, have to do your last show. And if it's a Democratic president, you'll be crying.  It will be fun to watch.”

>> "I never wanted anyone to fail. I like my business. If I like my business, if I love my broadcasting business, why would I want [you] not to do well?”

Watch the clips here: