News Crew Discovers Missing Man While Reporting His Disappearance (Video)

Robert McDonough wandered into the camera crew's shot while a reporter from the Maine news affiliate was giving an update on the missing persons case

A 73-year-old Maine man who was missing for more than 14 hours was discovered to safe and sound on Tuesday morning in the best way possible: He walked right past a news crew reporting on his disappearance.

"How are you?" WMTW News 8 reporter Norm Karkos politely asked a man wandering through his camera crew's shot.

"Good," the man responded while shuffling past with his hands in his pockets. 

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It didn't take long for Karkos to realize that the stranger was actually Robert McDonough, the man Limington authorities had been looking for since roughly 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

The News 8 crew was stationed on a road near McDonough's home, where they were providing live reports for the local channel's morning show. 

McDonough, who suffers from dimentia, confirmed his identity to the news crew and they immediately notified the Maine Warden Service.

"We were doing our last live shot at the bottom of the hour," Karkos explained during his report. "And we saw a gentleman just kind of walk up behind us and he identified himself as Bob McDonoigh."

Watch the happy ending unfold below: