Media Milks ‘Mad Men’ Mania

Widespread fawning precedes return of AMC hit

The fourth season of AMC’s “Mad Men” debuts Sunday, and the media is having a helluva time hyping its return.

>> Paste magazine, for example, has gone “completely overboard” in its coverage, presenting a full-on “Mad Men Takeover” of its website – replete with character mixtapes, an interview with an Ithaca, New York band called the Don Drapers and a how-to guide for stocking your home bar (“Drink Like a Mad Man: The Essentials for a Respectable Home Bar”).

>> Vulture does one better, offering a “Video Guide to Getting Drunk the Mad Men Way.”

>> PopSugar, meanwhile, has a video, “The Women’s Guide to Mad Men,” with some of the show’s best one-liners.

>> Salon weighs in on “Why ‘Mad Men’ is Bad for Women.”

>> New York magazine offers a helpful guide to parenting lessons culled from the series.

>> The New York Times pays a visit to Ossining, New York, the hometown of Betty and Don Draper.

>> Even President Obama is mad about “Men,” sending creator Matt Weiner a letter congratulating him on the show’s success.

>> The coolest “Mad Men”-related media thing I saw today – also from Paste – is the gallery of real, vintage advertisements from the Don Draper era.

>> Perhaps AMC will pick off a few would-be extras in Times Square on Sunday, where the network will be screening the premiere an hour before its televised debut. Gin-soaked, era-specific costumes are, of course, encouraged.