Missing Atlantic Reporter, Other Journalists Thought to Be Jailed in Libya

Clare Morgana Gillis, others detained last week seen at detention center in Tripoli

Clare Morgana Gillis, an Atlantic freelancer, and two others reported missing in Libya last week are now believed to be in jail in Tripoli.

Gillis (pictured), GlobalPost.com freelancer James Foley, Spanish photographer Manu Brabo and South African photographer Anton Hammerl — were captured on Tuesday outside of government-controlled Brega.

Gillis, Foley and Brabo were seen in the government detention center last Thursday, according to the Atlantic. (The Atlantic could not confirm whether or not Hammerl was with them.)

"We're relieved to hear that at least three of the missing journalists have been seen in official detention in Tripoli," Atlantic editor James Bennet said in a statement. "We're calling on the Libyan government to release all four as quickly and safely as possible, and, in the meantime, to let foreign diplomats or journalists visit them."

More from the Atlantic:

After six days in detention, they have not been allowed contact with anyone outside of the Libyan government, which has not acknowledged it is holding them.

No one outside the Libyan government is believed to have been alerted to their presence in Tripoli. In past cases of Western journalists detained in Libya, typically either a Turkish diplomat or Western reporter is allowed to briefly make contact with the journalists shortly after their arrival in Tripoli.

Their capture comes less than a month after four journalists from the New York Times were detained in Libya under similar circumstances. They were later freed.