Newt Gingrich Calls Ex-Wife’s Claims ‘Trash,’ Rips CNN

The former Speaker of the House goes on another tirade against the mainstream media, prompted by CNN’s John King

Newt Gingrich ripped CNN for beginning the latest Republican presidential debate by asking about his ex-wife's allegations that he asked her for an "open marriage."

“I am, frankly, astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate,” Gingrich told moderator John King.

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Gingrich left his second wife for his current spouse, Callista, with whom Gingrich had carried on an affair. The interview will air on "Nightline" tonight.

The interview has attracted a great deal of attention not just for revisiting Gingrich’s past of infidelity, but also because of the timing. ABC decided to air it two days before the South Carolina primary, a contest Gingrich may have good chance of winning.

When King pointed out that CNN was not the source of the interview, Gingrich said, “Don’t blame it one somebody else. You and your staff chose to start the debate with it.”

The former House speaker has long accused the news media of liberal bias. On Thursday he used words like "destructive," "negative" and "despicable" to describe the media.

Gingrich’s opponents declined the opportunity to attack Gingrich for the report. Mitt Romney, the current fronturnner, gave the shortest answer of all.

“Let’s talk about real issues,” the former Massachusetts governor said.