Not Your Average ‘Morning Joe': Drinking, Gambling, Smoking

A new promo for the MSNBC morning show demonstrates how the cast spends its nights — or early mornings

Who says morning hosts can’t have a good time?

The latest promo for MSNBC’s "Morning Joe” depicts the castmembers' morning routine, which in some cases involves clubbing, drinking and — when appropriate — gambling.

As Mika Brzezinski prepares lunch for her kids and runs through the streets of New York, Willie Geist can be found partying — until he suddenly realizes he has to do the show.

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Joe Scarborough is in bed, needing a reminder to wake up. Of course, that can only be accomplished after a swig of whiskey and an early morning cigarette. When Scarborough ultimately gets out on to the streets, he again has to be pried away to do the show — this time from a game of craps.

Finally, there's Mike Barnicle sleeping on a bench.

Think Regis would have stuck around if he got to film one of these?

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