News Anchor and Meteorologist Passive-Aggresively Clash on Air (Video)

According to a compilation of their feisty verbal scuffles, these two Philadelphia TV personalities can barely contain their contempt for each other

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:31 PM

CBS 3 Philly weekend anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson say they are very close friends in real life, but you wouldn't know it from a video compilation of the two bantering back and forth during recent broadcasts.

Brewer, a former Miss Pennsylvania, throws her colleague more than a few sharp barbs, suggesting Erickson is anything but angelic.

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"Carol, I understand you have some good news, and possibly a halo behind you," Brewer says, as an image of the sun rising illuminates Erickson's head. "Of course, it always comes into question when it's you and a halo in the same sentence."

In another exchange during which Brewer calls the weatherwoman's modesty into question, Erickson fires back: "That was an interesting little exchange I'm sure she regrets, along with that last glass of whatever."

The passive-aggressive animosity comes to a head during another forecast when Erickson beckons Brewer to comment on the lack of light illuminating from the sunrise behind her.

"It's awful when you have to call attention to your own halo," Erickson jokes.

"It's the only way you're gonna get it," Brewer adds, with a laugh.

While their complicated on-air relationship is getting lots of attention around the internet, Erickson has taken to Twitter to swear "Nicole is really a terrific person and friend."

"The editing was what changed the truth," Erickson tweeted on Tuesday. "[Nicole] and I are GREAT good,we joke around off AND on air."

Brewer has yet to confirm or deny the nature of their friendship on Twitter. Here's the video: