Police Evict Occupy Protesters in L.A., Arrest Hundreds (Video)

Protesters in Philadelphia are expelled, as well

Police officers stormed the Occupy encampments in Los Angeles and Philadelphia early Wednesday, evicting the protestors and producing more than 200 arrests.

There was no pepper spray this time around, as had happened at UC Davis, though there were reports of media restrictions in Los Angeles (though no "blackout" like in New York).

Both cities credited their officers with relatively peaceful evictions, managing to avoid violence or brutality (also known as bad media coverage).

Here's a brief video on the eviction:

The protesters in Los Angeles had been camped outside the City Hall building for two months and were told they’d be kicked out at midnight Sunday night. That never really happened; instead, a few people were arrested, and the protest continued.

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This time, more than 1,000 police officers descended on the downtown location, finding no drugs or weapons but arresting more than 200 people.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the eviction was necessary for public safety and health reasons, though one CBS report raises an alternate possibility – "Gangster Squad," starring Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn, is filming there next week.

In Philadelphia, where more than 50 people were arrested, there was a more practical reason (or more 1 percent-y if you prefer) – the protest was preventing a $50 million renovation project.