Fox Reporter Drops Double F-Bombs During Newscast (Video)

The report on strawberry picking wasn't as sweet as producers probably planned 

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:16 PM

Reporter Lindsay Nadrich followed in the footsteps of F-bomb-dropping (former) news anchor, A.J. Clemente, and dropped two herself while reporting on strawberry picking during a local Fox broadcast for the Spokane, Washington area.

"Despite the rain, I do have to tell you it's worth the drive and worth fighting this rain condition," Nadrich said before stopping to exclaim, "F–k me! I can't even f–king talk."

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The broadcast quickly cuts back to the studio — and a shocked anchor — as Nadrich puts a finishing touch on the news blooper by appearing to pick a wedgie.

Unlike Clemente, whose famous last words on live television were "f–king s–t," Nadrich's job probably isn't in danger, as she can pass the blame off to the editing booth.

"We definitely apologize for that editing error in that story," the anchor said as she promptly changed the subject to "the prospected of peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban."

On Monday, Keith Olbermann chimed in on the viral video to exonerate Nadrich of any wrongdoing. "NOT a live newscast," the television personality tweeted.

"Thanks for clarifying," Nadrich responded. "It was not a live shot."

Enjoy the baffling editing error, below: