Royal Baby: Sorry, Royal Easel – You’ve Been Replaced by Twitter

The Clarence House used its Twitter account to announce Kate Middleton's labor and birth

You may not have heard, but Prince William and Kate had a baby! And if you were on Twitter, you heard it there first.

Eschewing the traditional Royal Easel birth announcement (left), the monarchy went with a press release and a few tweets from the official Clarence House Twitter account to get the news out (followed by, yes, the announcement on the Royal Easel and that colorful town crier who made all the front pages).

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The Clarence House account announced that Kate Middleton had been admitted to the hospital "in the early stages of labour" on Sunday. Twelve hours later came the news: "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24pm." 

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According to Twitter, "#royalbaby" was used over 900,000 times after Kate was admitted to the hospital. Social analytics tool Topsy shows not only the expected spike in the use of "#royalbaby," but also "royal" and just plain old "baby":

Of course, world leaders made sure to congratulate the new parents:

And various brands made sure to cleverly capitalize on the birth:

And if you're royal baby-averse or just sick of it all, ABC News has some tips on how to remove it from your social media feeds entirely (FYI: Number Three is "close your eyes").