Stephen Colbert Recruits John Lithgow, Celebs for Super PAC Ads (Video)

Who will be the next to offer their voice?

What's the next big role every Hollywood actor is clamoring for?

If last night's "Colbert Report" was any indication, a voiceover in Colbert's Super PAC advertisements.

Colbert's Super PAC — The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC — has distributed two ads in the past few days, one using John Lithgow as the speaker and the other using Mandy Patinkin, he of "Princess Bride" and Broadway fame.

Both aired on his show last night, and while it may not pay as well as an animated movie nor reach as many viewers as a major ad campaign, is there anything with more cultural caché in liberal old Hollywood?

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Lithgow lends his voice to an attack ad on former Massachusettes governor Mitt Romney, claiming the one-time head of Bain Capital is a "serial killer" — alter ego: "Mitt the Ripper."

Corporations are people too, my friend.

Meanwhile, Patinkin was recruited to turn out the vote in South Carolina, the lone state where Colbert is pursuing the GOP nomination. Colbert can't get on the ballot, so voters can lend their support by casting a vote for Herman Cain. 

Who should be next? Here's a vote for the eternal favorite — Morgan Freeman.

He just was honored with a Golden Globe, after all.