Stephen Colbert Urges Vote for Herman Cain in South Carolina (Video)

If he can't get on the ballot, then vote for his doppelganger, Herman Cain

Stephen Colbert is running for the GOP nomination in South Carolina, but even he knows only one man deserves your vote – Herman Cain.

With Colbert unable to get on the ballot due to South Carolina’s election rules, he urged all his fans – and all you potential voters – to vote for Herman Cain, a man who looks disarmingly like…Stephen Colbert.

What’s that you say? You thought Herman Cain dropped out?

He did, but for some reason he’s still on the ballot.

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Whereas Colbert, who is devoting his time and effort to this election – granted, by lampooning the political process — can’t get on.

Colbert does have a few things going for him.

He has a SuperPAC behind him, now under the stewardship of former boss Jon Stewart. Stewart says he spent all the money on fine Italian food, but there’s probably still some left, right?

And Colbert also has polling numbers that place him ahead of former Utah governor Jon Huntsman. Oh, Huntsman dropped out?

Well, vote Herman Cain!

As Colbert's latest ad says, "He's not a career politican, he's such a Washington outsider he's not even running for President.

Here's the video: 

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