Tasini Calls Critics of His Lawsuit Against the Huffington Post ‘Bootlickers’

But ex-unpaid HuffPo blogger admits his case is “novel” and relies on “some creative thinking” by a couple smart young lawyers


That’s what Jonathan Tasini thinks of critics of his $105 million, class-action lawsuit against Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post over her alleged exploitation of unpaid bloggers, including him.

In an interview with paidContent (emphasis on paid) Tasini responded to people — myself included — who think his suit is bogus.

I keep getting emails from a whole variety of writers who want to join on as plaintiffs, who are giving us all sorts of inside information. There still is a lot of fear out there. Some of the people expressing opposition to what we’re doing are just bootlickers. I think people fear being blacklisted — which I was when I sued The New York Times. And I understand that fear.

Yes, that’s it. I’m scared of being blacklisted by Arianna.

Worth noting that in the same interview, Tasini admits that his case is “novel” and relies on “some creative thinking by a couple smart young lawyers.”

Read the entire Tasini interview here.