Terry Semel at TheGrill: Value of Hollywood Content Is on the Rise (Video)

The former studio head and Harry Sloan debate 3D, Netflix and Hollywood's digital future during the kickoff session of TheWrap's annual media conference

Last Updated: September 21, 2012 @ 2:54 PM

Content companies are about to see a rise in the value of content because Internet companies need what they sell, Terry Semel said at the opening of TheGrill conference on Monday. 

Semel, the former chairman of Warner Brothers and CEO of Yahoo, said that companies like Google, Apple, Netflix and others are realizing that they need what Hollywood creates to drive advertising revenue.

“Silly little Internet things are cute for a minute, but it’s not what big advertisers were looking for,” Semel said, at the kick-off panel discussion, "Hollywood's Future: Between Wall Street and Silicon Valley."

 “They’re looking for more stable content that could be on television, could be on cable.”

Watch Semel and film fund Global Eagle cofounder Harry Sloan's full session at TheGrill in the video.

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