Vanity Fair Profiles Hollywood’s Biggest Scandals

The magazine has released a special issue detailing some of the industry’s most provocative stories

If you want to learn the secrets behind some of Hollywood’s most famous scandals, Vanity Fair will fill you in.

The magazine has released a special edition titled “The Best of Vanity Fair: Hollywood Scandal, Sex, and Obsession,” now on sale at newsstands.

“The modern Hollywood scandal has developed its own set of rituals: steeped in history, accessorized with contemporary flair, and in the end as tightly scripted as any blockbuster sequel or red-carpet processional,” editor Graydon Carter wrote in its introduction.

The special issue promises to reveal “what really transpired between takes and between the sheets during the making of the 1963 epic, Cleopatra—the most expensive movie ever made” and the “dramatic developments that may re-open the investigation into Natalie Wood’s death.”

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It is a collection of 10 past Vanity Fair stories and 10 new ones. In conjunction, CBS will air “Vanity Fair: Hollywood Scandal” on Nov. 26.

As Carter muses, “Where would Hollywood be without scandal, sex and obsession?”

That is why the content ranges from a profile of Robert Evans to the killing of Lana Turner’s boyfriend, Johnny Stompanato.