Washington Post Editor Jumps Back to Wall Street Journal

Raju Narisetti leaves after three years at the Post

Washington Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti is headed back to the Wall Street Journal as managing editor of its digital properties and deputy managing editor of the Journal.

Narisetti will oversee the Journal’s website, as well as SmartMoney.com, MarketWatch and the Chinese, Japanese and German-language editions of the Journal site.

He will report to Alan Murray, deputy managing editor and executive editor of online.

"Raju has done remarkable work as the digital czar at the Washington Post, integrating print and online businesses, building a successful web site, and developing key relationships with the digerati," Robert Thomson, Editor-in-Chief of Dow Jones and Managing Editor of the Journal, said in a statement.

Narisetti worked at the Journal from 1994 to 2006, most recently serving as Editor of Wall Street Journal Europe.

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At the Post, Narisetti not only helped executive editor Marcus Brauchlii — another Journal alum — run the newspaper, but also oversaw the website's “content operations and strategy.”

Jim Romenesko obtained a memo from Brauchlii to his staff in which he too lauds Narisetti’s work on the digital side.

Brauchlii notes that traffic to the Posts's website is up by every metric as compared to the year before – unique visitors, page views and video streaming.

“Raju has helped to build an extravagantly talented digital team and provided much of the vision and strategy that enabled The Post to become one of the most innovative and successful digital-news operations anywhere,” Brauchlii wrote.